• Larisa Balster – 4th Grade

    I’ll tell you why I love NVCS.  First, I love it because this school was better than my old school.  There is nicer kids, nicer teachers, and the principal is funny and nice.  Next, this is my DREAM school.  The lunches are more delicious and the playground is funner.  Also, I like the Hawk Walk.  I like it because it’s fun running around the field just to earn money.  And depending on how much money you make, you get a prize.  That’s why I love New Vision.  Larisa Balster, 4th grade Read more →

  • Laena Strait – 4th Grade

    There are many reasons I love New Vision  First, there are many great friends.  I have made many of great friends here at school.  They are always there when you need them most.  Next, the teachers are always there for you.  They always help you, when you’re have a hard time.  Last, the playground is always a fun place to play.  There is always things to do.  These are some of the reasons that I like New Vision.  Laena Strait, 4th Grade Read more →

  • Connor Hutson – 4th Grade

    New Vision is the best school and I plan to tell why.  First, the teachers are amazing.  The is they help you and respect your problems.  Second, is New Vision is the best school because there is so many people.  The reason that it is cool is it means I can have a million friends.  The third reason is they have a lot of educational programs.  This is helpful in my future and is fun.  That is why I love New Vision.  Connor Hutson – 4th Grade Read more →

  • Lane Haring – 3rd Grade

    Some of the reasons I like New Vision Charter School is Because New Vision has a lot of cool people & also has a lot of new people to meet.  Another reason is we have lots of cool technology and we have lots of cool things to learn about like:  The War of 1812, How to form a mountain, the Bomding of Pearl harbor & more.  But, thats the reason I like NVCS.  Lane Haring, 3rd grade Read more →

  • Ilyse Adamson, 3rd Grade

    NVCS is a fabulous school.  The teachers are also fantastic!  They always help us, like when we get hurt.  We have character buddies that are older so they can help us.  The teachers choose witch activity we do.  NVCS stands for New Vision Charter School.  This school goes threw Kindergarten – 8th grade.  I hope next year you come to NVCS! Ilyse Adamson, 3rd grade Read more →

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