• Cameron Frost, 1st Grade

    By Cameron For Mr. Be Mr. B. is my principal.  he is osum! he Played basskball with me.  ms. strohs. is my teacher.  she is the Best teacher EVER!  ms. katie is the Best math teacher ever.  olivia and Brianna to and Austin and Ryan they are my Best Frends.  ms vanhile is the Best Substute teach ever.  Cameron Frost, 1st Grade Read more →

  • Marcus Giles, 4th Grade

    NVCS is a great to learn.  NVCS is a fun school.  I have many resons why.  everyone feels gate (great) here.  you don’t get teased and the staff helps with problums.  You can learn about anything art, Spanish, technology, e.c.t. We have a good staff.  They are willing to help you.  NVCS is a fun place to learn. You can learn alot of a lot in speshulls (specials) ou learn a fun.  There are a lot of things to do.  We have a great time here.  Everyone injoy’s we have nice classmates.  Your class mates will help you.  Speshulls are really fun. Everyone injoys them.  NVCS is the best school there is! Marcus Giles, 4th Grade Read more →

  • Peyton Barnes, 1st Grade

    My Skool (school) is ason (awesome).  My Prinsbol (Principal) is the best.  He is name is Mister D.  My techer (teacher) is asom her name is Mis Stroe.  My K tecker is asom to. her name is Misis Greeko.  I Love my skool! Peyton Barnes, 1st Grade Read more →

  • Peyton Barnes – 1st Grade

    New vison is the best scool ever.  My prisobal (Principal) mister b (Mr. B) is the best ever!  I Love my scool it is the best.  Go to new visen cater scool. I love it.  Peyton Barnes, 1st Grade   Read more →

  • Aiden Belanger – 3rd Grade

    I love New vision. Because it is awesome. It is super awesome. Because I learn a lot. Because I can play with my friends. And i also learn math and I also learn reading. I like new vision charter school. Aiden Belanger, 3rd Grade Read more →


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