• Danica VanGorkom, 6th Grade

    New Vision Charter School is the best in the whole universe. First New Vision is so outstanding. New Vision is outstanding becuase of the caring teachers and staff members. Also, New Vision has an awesome princible. His name is Mr. B who is funny and cool. Last, New Vision has a bunch of cool activities. Some of them are science fair or the halk walk. New Vision Charter School is the best school in the universe and that is why! Danica Aspen VanGorkom, 6th grade Read more →

  • Ethan Bauer, 4th Grade

    My favorite electives is P.E. and Art. after PE and Spanish I do Math. the worksheets are kind of eqasy but i like them and the teachers are very nice like ms. Rudolphans Ms. Nichols. I know her very well. And in Music class I play the recorder and that was teh end of my paragraph.  Ethan Bauer, 4th grade Read more →

  • Pearl Erekson, 4th Grade

    “There are many reasons why I love New Vision. Just to name a few, there are GREAT teachers here, I feel incredibly safe and happy when I’m in the building, and not to mention all the fun times we have here at NVCS. The first reason is the teachers. I just have to say that not only do I learn PLENTY from them, but they’re one of the reasons going to New Vision is fun. Another reason is, not once, I’ve been in the building without feeling safe or happy. I’m very glad that the students here are nice and NVCS is a bully-free zone. One last reason is that New Vision is sooo much fun! Ever since I started at NVCS, I knew I was going to great time, and it is a great time with all the fun things we do like the Hawk Walk, Healthy Snack Competitions... Read more →

  • Barrett Plewes, 1st Grade

    “My scool is The Best and funist scool. I know my mom wrks at this scool. Her name is mikah. She helps This school and my teechers name is ms. stroh. She is the funist teech yet!” Barrett Plewes, 1st grade Read more →

  • Christian Chase, 2nd Grade

    “I love this school because it has the niceist teachers and it has the best playground. it allso has the coolest ideas ever!! But I am leaving” Christian Chase, 2nd grade Read more →


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