• Aiden Yee, 1st Grade

    I Like scool! bcus…art is fon and Ms. stroh and resis lago clud (lego club) is my fafite thage. Aiden Yee, 1st Grade Read more →

  • Naomi Rewoldt, 3rd Grade

    I Love New Vision!  Because it is so much fun.  It is fun because you can read and write and spell.  I like it because I Love to write very much.  My favorite things in school is to write.  I Love are (our) thechers because they thech (teach) us a lot of stof in writeing and spelling and in reading.  That is all I like in New Visin Charter School  The End. Naomi Rewoldt, 3rd Grade Read more →

  • Autiana Quintana, 4th Grade

    NVCS is Awsome because the playground is fun because the monkey (bars) and the feld.  They have an elevator. the other school don’t have one.  My friends are at NVCS.  It’s good so you’re not bored.  I LOVE NVCS! Autiana Quintana, 4th grade. Read more →

  • Isabel Lawrence, 7th Grade

    Why I Love New Vision I love New Vision for many reasons. One thing I love about New Vision is it is like on big family. Everybody is nice to each other and the teachers are all very helpful and the teachers are willing to work with you for everything. Another thing I love about New Vision is that is has a good education. Some other Middle schools don’t have good teaching methods but New Vision has a great education. One of the last things I love about this school is it has lot’s of students. It doesn’t just have a Middle school or a Elementary school it has blended ages. I think this makes it so that the little kids have a good example and the older students don’t have super bad behavior because they are around little kids all day. These are just SOME of the things I... Read more →

  • Austin Allen, 1st Grade

    I like Mr. B I thayc (think) he is the graysd (greatest) prisuber (principal) that wig (why) I like NVCS!         Austin Allen, 1st Grade Read more →


  • Monday, March 20:  Bingo 4 Books 6:30 p.m. – 8... Read more →

  • The NVCS Spring Gala will be on April 25. Checkout... Read more →


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