• Meagan English, 3rd grade

    I love New Vision.  I tihnk New Vision is awesome because are homeroom teahcers and I love getting to sit with my friends at lunch.  I love getting to sit with my friends because I get to talk  with them at lunch and be as silly as I want to be.  I like that our tearchers make sure we are safe. when we have a fire drill Mrs. Williamson and Ms. Moore make sure everybody gets out of teh building.  That is what I like about our homeroom teachers, and what I like about getting to sit with friends at lunch time.  There are all of the things I like abot New Vision. Read more →

  • Mia D’Ippolito, 3rd grade

    I love love New Vision Charter School.  I like my teachers they help lrn.  and all my friends and I now (know) that you gise cepe (keep) my safe so I’m tusting you gise but I no you are so I don’t nede to wre (write) about it. Mia D’Ippolito, 3rd grade Read more →


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