• Peyton Barnes – 1st Grade

    New vison is the best scool ever.  My prisobal (Principal) mister b (Mr. B) is the best ever!  I Love my scool it is the best.  Go to new visen cater scool. I love it.  Peyton Barnes, 1st Grade   Read more →

  • Aiden Belanger – 3rd Grade

    I love New vision. Because it is awesome. It is super awesome. Because I learn a lot. Because I can play with my friends. And i also learn math and I also learn reading. I like new vision charter school. Aiden Belanger, 3rd Grade Read more →

  • Hunter Gonzales – 3rd Grade

    The resen (reason) I love New Vision Charter School is because of Mr. Bhe (Principal Borchelt) is so osom (awesome) and cool and olso because of Mr. lorgorry (LaGory) he is like ther 1st best Ate (Art) teach in the werld he is so telted (talented) with his ate.  And Mrs. Williamson she is the best teachers in the world to and Mrs. Moore she osam to & Miss. Stroh & shes asom. Evry techer in the school is amasing. but still Mr. B is still the best.  Coch B (Bauersfeld) is asom to and my frens there cool to.  New Vishon is the best schoo I have ever went to.  And thee best school I ever bean to.  All of my frens are cool to.  The reason there osam is because there fun.    The class rooms are asom every thing is asom.  Sens (Since) I was in 2nd Grade... Read more →

  • Tamsin Hale, 4th Grade

    Trustworthiness – Honesty is the first chapter of wisdom.  Respect – What lies behind us and what lies before us are smal matters compared to what likes with us.  Responsibility – If your not part of the solution your part of the probulom.  Fairness – The difference between a steping stone and a bilding block is oftin just a matter of character.  Caring – The only way to have freinds is to be a freind.  Citizship – Do more then you are requird to do and less than you need to. Trustworthy – Are school is very trustful and very depending.  Respectful – You can respect are school.  If you won’t respect in retern.  Responsibul – If you are responsibul for enything bad you will be responsibul.  Fair – Peopel play fair at are School.  Caring – At new vision we all are caring. the only way to have freindes... Read more →

  • Keara Dungey, 4th Grade

    I like NVCS cause it is really fun.  I like NVCS cause of the teachres.  They make it fun to be at school for eight hours five day in a row.  My friend’s make it even better to be at school.  They made it fun when you are at recess.  The last reson I Love NVCS is cause they have field day and the halk walk. I Love it because you are out side and for the halk walk you are rasen mony for the school.  That is why I Love NVCS.  Keara Dungey, 4th Grade Read more →



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